A Class On Its Own...


Wow…time flies really fast. My husband was telling me a few days ago that their company, a small business that he and a partner started, will be 2 years old already. They have their ups and downs but they are still surviving. Since they’re turning 2 soon, it also means that they will be looking for a new web hosting. When they started this business, my husband didn’t have enough time to research when he was looking for web hosting. As a result, he ended up with a so-so web hosting company. He didn’t want to waste the money he paid for to buy the hosting so they just stayed with them and just did most of the work in their website themselves.

Now the search is on. I told my husband about network solutions which I’ve been reading about in a lot of the blogs I visit. I didn’t know much about the company so I went to their website to find out more. One thing struck me the most: It’s the dedication they offer to small businesses like the one my husband has. Some of the things they offer are web hosting, domain names, web site design and even e-commerce, online marketing and web site security. With the years of experience...almost 30 years and counting, Network Solutions is definitely a class on its own.


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