Fay...soon to be Hurricane?


That's what we're trying to watch out for. It's still a tropical storm right now and is about to make landfall in the Florida Keys....it's still Tropical Storm Fay right now.

According the news, we may start feeling its effects as early as tonight. This is the sixth storm of 2008 Atlantic hurricane season and it certainly is not going to be the last. Sigh....

Fortunately in the 7 years I've here, I have not experienced that bad of hurricane. There was 1 which almost made us evacuate. We loaded our things in the back of our car and waited for the advisory. Good thing it never happened.

That's what stinks here in the sunshine state. There is ALWAYS that chance of another hurricane Andrew.


Richelle said…
hey gurl! thanks for the million visits! Ingat!
Unknown said…
Hay naku! ingat kayo diyan. It's been raining here, yepey!

I had to cut some of my flowers down, some of them were just wilted due to the heat here. I hope they come back next year.

Again, ingat lagi.
Shimumsy said…
hi mommy J. good morning. shensya na di ako nakakadaan parati..'lam mo na...uy, kumusta bagyo dyan? cguro naman malayo kayo sa keys but i'm sure you will get a lot of rain. hope and pray for all your safety there. ingat kayo. ano fa nga va? ulan na naman, right?

happy anniv pala. more years of happy life. xoxoxoxo.

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