Flagged my BLOG!


And no, it's was not 'flagged' by anyone. I FLAGGED it MYSELF!!! Duh me, eh???? Well, it's actually more like an accident.

Yesterday while I was browsing online, I clicked on the URL box. I was looking for a site I visited earlier. In doing so, I clicked the "Flag Blog" button up top my blog. Before I knew it, the flag on the blog was red!! I knew what I did but I didn't know if I caused any damage or not. So I clicked 'unflag blog' and red flag went away.

So I went my happy way reading but when I refreshed the page of my blog, the RED flag was back again. Sigh. So I read the FAQs. I was looking for a contact email but I can't find one. It seems that I didn't do my blog any damage but I was still uneasy seeing the RED flag.

Anyway, since I didn't find any contact email for help I just turned off my laptop hoping for the best. I was expecting that when I get back online to check my blog, I would get a message along the line that my blog is suspended because of 'objectionable contents' in it. LOL....guess what? The flag is now gone. It turns out that all I had to do was close my browser and the flag would go away. Hay...if only I knew that. I freaked out for no reason, eh?


hahaha! That's one of my reasons why I removed my Blogger navbar because someone might flag my blog accidentally.

Anyway thanks for the encouragement. I'll just pray that more people will get sick hahaha! I'm so evil. Thanks again. ^_^

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