Friday...Let's Start with Awards...


Good morning everyone! It's Friday morning here and I have not had breakfast yet but here I am blogging. Ha! Anyway, after days of 'whining' about the neverending rain here in our neck of the woods, I decided to start my day differently posting a couple of tags from my blogger friends.

Why?? Guess?? Because it's not raining when I woke up...yay! So no need to whine, huh?

Here are the awards I got from the following friends. Thanks much everyone!

Tag 1: Perfect Blend of Friendship

Awarded: Mai | Yen | C.A. “tque” | Eds | Juliana| your blog where you posted this.

from ~ James, C.A."tque" and Eds

Tag 2: Award 4 You..

from: Wheng and Dez


Vhiel said…
whohooo.. not raining anymore.. i think the rain went over here last night... there were some lightning and thunderstorm...

by the way,I nominated you for the kick ass blogger... stop by when you get a chance.

Kick Ass Blogger

Have a great friday..

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