Golden Boy....

Yep, Michael Phelps IS the Golden Boy and I am the Golden Tilapia....hahaha. Seriously though, this guy is just making Olympic history all on his own. He already has the most number of medals in the Olympic's history and he's now going to try and break Mark Spitz's 7 gold medal win.

Is it going to happen? I sure hope so but Australia's greatest Olympian Ian Thorpe has doubts that Phelps will be able to do it. He believes though that if there's anyone on earth who can do that, it's Michael Phelps. He just doesn't think that it will happen now.

We'll see.


ummmm.. sour graping lang si ian thorpe kasi hindi nya nagawa. taka nga ako why ian the torpedo hang up his swim trunks so early in the game.

go michael jordan! ehe, michael jackson! ehe, michael phelps pala..
Echos Erita said…
grabe, ang sipag niya. di ko kakayanin to

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