Heavenly, indeed!!


Not too long ago, the husband here decided that I needed new wardrobe. So we went out to buy me some new tops and pants. We only got a few as I didn’t want to spend a fortune for my clothes and as usual we couldn’t find clothes that will fit me nicely as I am rather small compared to the people around here. I usually buy the petite sizes and junior clothing as those are the only ones that fit me. I told him that I will just look online for some more clothes since I can get Cheap Clothing on the internet. Aside from my own clothes, I also want to get our little one some new clothes. Even if she’s being home schooled I still want her to have some ‘back to school’ clothing. That’s exactly what I found at Heavenly Couture…some real nice back to school clothes as well as Cheap Junior Clothing that are too good to be true. Yep, it’s very affordable because nothing, as in nothing in the store is more than $17.95. Aside from that, they offer free shipping for any purchase of $75 or more. How I wish I’ve known about this store before we went on that shopping spree. Oh well…now I know where to go to when I need a wardrobe overhaul. Here are 2 of the blouses I’m planning on getting soon…

Heavenly, indeed, eh???


Jeanne said…
Cute tops. Clothes shopping is so not fun. Too expensive for most things and some of the styles/colors..ick. Thanks for stopping by to visit. It's fun meeting new people and finding fun blogs that way.

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