It's Hump Hump Day and.....

After a few days of chaos...I'm finally sitting back and relaxing. Well, sort of. I'm still waiting on some work. I'm also doing a batch of laundry but all in all, today will be a very laid back day.

I am 'planning' on walking on the tread mill today. Umm...planning being the key word here since I don't know if I will do it...hehe. I have to because I've been sitting on my bee-hind forever. I will let you know what happen later on.

I popped in here a few times yesterday just to see if I'm missing a lot. It seems I got a few thanks to those who tagged me. I will try to post them later on.

That will be it for now.


Unknown said…
Welcome Jul.

I do my exercise, sort of, at night so I don't get hungry right after. That's what I don't like about working out.

After my routine at night I just go straight to bed.
honey said…
Welcome back ate J...HEHEHE..ako din I'M enjoying at the GYM kaya wla na me masyado update...
Gorgeous MUM said…
welcome back, mommy J!

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