A Kreativ...Kick A** Blogger....Tags!


Yep, you read that right. I am now a "Kreativ Kick A** Blogger" !!!! Any questions??? Violent reactions maybe??? I didn't think so.

So who called me a Kick A** Blogger??? No other than Jona of Beauty of Life. and Lynn of Sweet Temptation..thanks ladies. I surely appreciate the thought..and the title...ha!

As for the 'Kreativ Blogger' award...thanks much to JK/Nancy of See Me for What You Will. Thanks to you two for including me in the list of the Kreativ Bloggers. The only question is: Kreativ in what?? Hmmmm....

Passing these on to all of YOU out there. C'mon pick them up. Don't be shy! LOL!


Unknown said…
You're Welcome Julz..You deserve it. We really can kick some a**es here..LOL.

Take care!
Michelle said…
I'll pick it up later. Thanks for sharing! :)
Gorgeous MUM said…
got something for you too! FRIENDSHIP :)
Tey said…
cool tags, you deserve this my friend. have a great day to you Juliana
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