Life Made Easier


Today has been a crazy day for me. It seems that everything I had to do has to be done today. Well, not everything but A LOT of things. On top of all that, I have yet to finalize the details on the little one’s home schooling. I’ve already narrowed down the schools I want to call but I have to find all her documents before I can do that. With the move, everything is still mixed up so I will have to go through the boxes to find what I need. I already asked the husband to get as this DYMO Labelmaker so when I go through those boxes, I will start labeling them already.

The little one’s paper works and school works are in disarray as well. We bought her an organizer but she just keeps stacking up the papers in one slot. This label maker will be a huge help once we set up the book shelf we got yesterday. With everything labeled, I am hoping that my little home schooler will learn to put the books in their proper places. As it is right now, we only put the books on the table so she has to go through all of them in order to find what she needs. I can’t wait until we get this label maker. I’m sure life will be easier once I have it...for me at least.


ei pareho natin nakuha ang opportunity nato hehehe. Sa tatlong P to galing noh? hehehe.

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