When you have a child, you can't help but wonder who the child really takes after. We always like to say she or he takes after you, right?

Well, I got this Look-alike Meter tag from a friend. All you have to do is to upload pics of the family that you want then voila...it's there.

Here is our result. Seems like my hubby and I can't really say she took more than one of us. As you can see, it's fair share...50-50 as they say. LOL...Why not try it with your loved ones.

Btw, the pictures you use will have a major effect on the result...surprised???


Michelle said…
wow, kitang kita ang ebidensya! fair enough, 50-50. :)
Lynn said…
This is really cute. Let me try this one. (",)
Echos Erita said…
mabuti at equal.. para fair.. hehe
ruby said…
kami din equal daw according sa look-a like meter.. heheh
blessedmom said…
hehe that's a cool meter mommy! :) masubukan nga :)

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