Look-Alike? Really???

No, that's not me. Hahaha....yes, that's Maricel Soriano. I got that picture from Photobucket. I can't find any other picture where she's smiling.

Why am I looking for a picture of her smiling? Because I keep getting comments that I look like her. Surprising, huh? And since I was smiling in the pictures I'm told I *look* like her , I tried to look for one where she's also smiling.

Here's the bigger version of that picture of mine up top.

This is also the picture I have in my high school alumni's website...and a few of my former HS classmates said that I look like her as well. Ha!

Anyway, today I got that same comment in my other blog...Teacher's Corner. But this time it's for this picture.....

Hmmm...do you think I should start posing as her??? I'd probably make a few cents here and there, ya know? LOL...nah...I can't always smile like that. The husband said that maybe I should change my picture and see if I get the same comment. Hmm...I'd probably give that a try.


Eds said…
Uyy sis! infairness may hawig nya lalu na ung 2nd pic mo... uyy artistahin! hehehe :)
Rokahs said…
well, in fairness you really look like Maricel Soriano and syempre maganda kasi kayong pareho eh...cguradong masusundan na naman yan sis...lol...well, have a great day ahead...
Elvz said…
hi mommy juliana! sa tingin ko rin may hawig nga kayo :)

BTW i have an award for you pls get it here:

have a nice day!

Straight from the Heart
Mighty in Spirit
Rosilie said…
Kamukha mo talaga sis.You are as prettier.hehehheheh!
Have a tag for you.
Gorgeous MUM said…
i totally agree! maybe you should also do the arching of eyebrow, sing and dance I AM WHAT I AM! maria na maria ka! hahaha!
Anonymous said…
uy, oo nga may hawig nga kayo! buti ka pa may kamukhang artista..he he..
Cecile said…
kamukha mo nga si maricel, artitahin ang beauty mo day :-)
Laarnaay said…
You two were separated at birth? :P
Vhiel said…
you do look like her... may angle na kamukha mo sya... hehehe... you know my oldest sister used to get a lot of comments na kamukha daw din nya si maricel soriano.. pati ang pagkataray..lol..

anyway.. got an award for you here..
Million Dollar Award

Drop by when you get a chance.
Unknown said…
HALA!!!.. .oo sis you two look alike, she smiles the same way as you do.. what more sa personal, now i'm much more trigger of seeing you personally. magpapicture dayon para ingnon nko sa among bukid nakita na jud nko si maricel soriano..

as for your comment:
those cars are way too expensive and so nice too...
DebbieDana said…
Hi Juliana!

Long lost sister mo ata si Maria eh!
For me, mas maganda ka sa kanya ng isang paligo, ahehe!
jm said…
Hi ate maricel! :D
long time no talk, kamusta na kayu pu ken? nanu pagka-busy-han? okay nman pu keni, kasu rainy days, pane bagyo. kamusta neh malagu yung baby? yngatz pu lagi,:muah:
ps. si maricel gumaya sa'yo ate, di ikaw. hehe
Winston said…
Hi Mommy, visiting you blog. Hawig mo nga konti si Maricel. :)

I nominated you for an award in my blog.


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