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Yesterday we went to visit my husband’s sister at their house. We have not seen them in a few months so we were surprised to see them packing. It turns out that they’re having some problems with their bank and that they might lose their house that her husband built himself. They are still hoping that it will work out but are not putting their hopes up. If that happens they are thinking of moving to another state. They are considering Georgia, Tennessee or Kentucky. My husband suggested that they should start looking for a louisville realtor as well as other realtors in the other states just in case they would really have to move. They are of course hoping for the best and just stay here and keep their house but it seems the odds of that happening is against them so finding a realtor in louisville and in some of the other states will be a good move on their part. I just feel really sad that this real estate crisis has hit so close to home. It only proves that anyone can be affected by this present economic slump.


Unknown said…
It is sad. My friends house back in Reno is still up for sale for like two years now. I don't think anybody is buying houses these days.

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