Machines Rule???


Today turned out to be a pretty nice day here in our area. It rained a little bit this morning...just as the husband was finishing his lawn mowing. Great timing for the husband eh? It only rained for a little bit. Just enough to wet the grass then it stopped. So it was a nice day to go out which we did. We went clothes shopping...for me. But will blog about that later.

While the husband was cutting grass, I was doing the laundry. I was also cleaning the bathrooms while doing that. If you think about it, don't you just love washing machine and dryer? All you have to do is load them and you can do whatever you want to do while you're waiting for the load/s to finish. That was not the case when I was growing up. Laundry time is solely for doing the laundry or dishwashing is solely for washing dishes. Well, that's because we didn't have the luxury of a washing machine or dishwasher growing up. WE had to do those things by hand. So can you imagine how messy if would have been if I had to wash clothes and clean the bathrooms at the same time back then?


Nova said…
wow naman parang si weather man ang hubby mo kasi perfect timing hahaha...dito crappy din ang weather te juls kasi nga mainit then later on uulan, then iinit na naman, i dont like thunderstorms.. tapos nagta-thunderstorms pa talaga pag wala si fiancee uy..nakakainis.. i have to be strong nlng, tinatakpan ang tainga.. hahaha.. parang bata..

as for your comment: Sige nga, thanks sa iyong tips, i will bookmark it, para malaman ko rin, i think i have a nasal allergy din, pero matigas ang ulo ko, sige parin gamit nga cologne yong cherry blossoms ang binili ko kasi di naman siya strong eh..

pero salamat sa tip, bookmark ko na ngayon..

happy weekend...
Yeah machines rules. Back in the Philippines we have this crappy spin dryer but here we already use a dryer that actually dries and there's no need to sundry. Kaya lang nga magastos sa kuryente hehehe.

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