Missing in Action...


Kinda'....I just didn't have the time to blog earlier today because I got busy. Nothing new around here except W-O-R-K has come pouring again...and they are all RUSH projects...something like....they have to be done NOW!

We are having our usual sunny....err...rainy day here again. It's been raining since lunch time on and off. It's real wet outside so we didn't even go out of the house. The husband did his usual yard work on Saturdays while the little and I stayed in the house.

That's basically it for today. Tomorrow??? It's still up in the air. We are supposed to attend a wedding but we are still waiting for a call from my sister-in-law to tell us about the time. The invite they sent us got lost along the way probably because of the move.

So if you don't see me tomorrow that means I am all made up attending our niece's wedding.


Rokahs said…
hello there...know you, i was not around for almost a week now as volumes of things to be done in the office crops-up and so i run out of time to jot down some notes in here...hence, i do hope i can catch up with what is best onward later on...tnx for keeping in touch and take care too.
honey said…
Shimumsy said…
hi mommy J,
musta na dyan ang beauty mo? kami din we are just chilling sa bahay..init kc sa labas. we went to the outlet pero super dami ang tao..we left early. buti naman wala pa work tomorrow. have a happy labor day to you and your hubby. ingatz.
Nanaybelen said…
hayy.. nakakapagod ang ating trabaho sa bahay. kung pwede ngalang . puro blog na lang
Anonymous said…
just dropping by
maicel said…
helow momy juliana.

musta na? hope you'll take the time to answer my survey.

elow! Rain huh? Why is it always raining there? Yeah you're so right, Florida is supposed to be sunny and all. Well at least it's not snowing ei?

I'd choose rain over snow anytime! I'm already hating snow even when I haven't experienced snow since I hate the cold hehehe.

Anyway, have a great week ahead! ^_^
Gorgeous MUM said…
ay, pareho tayong bz! been busy with the big pack and getting the house ready for hubby.

we're in the ams airport waiting for our flight home.

it's hard travelling alone with a kid that has adhd! hahaha! he's bleeding my wallet dry buying toys! got a 7hrs stay here.

anyways! enjoy the rest of the week!
Lynn said…
It's been raining here too. Ok rin kasi super hot talaga here.

Have fun at the wedding Sis!
bluedreamer27 said…
kinda a busy huh
just dropping by here juliana to say i am now to celebrate my first year anniversary here in the blogosphere
and in got something for you in my blog
thanks for being a part of my blog my friend i treasured every comments and moments you spent there
thank you again have a great day
Gigi said…
Hello there! It's been a long time since I dropped by. Currently coping, but I'm okay thanks to my little Sky :D

Hope you enjoyed the wedding you attended!
hello mommy j, kaya pala walang blog patrol. hays...i was good naman eh. hehehehe

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