Monday for a WAHM...


So what's a Monday like for a WAHM like me? Let me first's very much different from the Monday of those who work out of the house! Thank goodness!

I rarely have what is known as a "Manic Monday" since I don't have to beat the clock to make it on time for work. My waking up time is the same whether it's a weekday or the weekend. It's at "ANYTIME"...hahaha...

My Monday is different everytime simply because I don't have a strict schedule to follow. The little one is always her needs are priorities. If she's hungry, I get up no matter what I'm doing to give her something to eat. If work is released, and nothing 'that' important has to be done around the house then I'll do some work.

Dinner is almost always at home. The husband likes homecooked meals...not that I cook well mind you. So that's the only thing fixed in my schedule...everyday. I cook dinner at around 5 PM. After dinner...come what may until bed time.

So that's how my Monday usually goes down. Nothing is written in stone [except that the little one is a priority...ha!] that's why my Monday is never the same.

How about you? What's your Monday like?


Shimumsy said…
hi mom J,
my monday is no different from any other week days. wake up around 6, do my rituals including giving hubby cheerios with any fruit on at work if i'm done. only thing, i don't like mondays's su-ks!

good p.m. to you.
Ohh, good for you Mami Juls. Buti kapa sa aking every monday is working day as well as friday hay buhay.

Anyway, dropping my E-card here.
Pretty Me said…
Wow what a schedule! So relaxing to be your own boss... hehehe... As for me, hectic as always, 4 hours of sleep lang palagi lately sa daming work to be done... but i love it 'coz it's my way of diversion din sa loneliness and so many problems around... hehehe miss u ate J! mwahhhhhh! =)
Gorgeous MUM said…
of course, the little one will always be the priority.

i also get up once my little one is up, unless hubby is here to mind him, then i can wake up late.

mondays are kinda busy for me since i don't clean on weekends, so that means it's kinda a cleaning day for me.

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