One Happy Camper...


Not me but the little one. The reason??? The DVDs that Dad ordered online just arrived. She's been wanting the different Mickey Mouse DVDs for quite a while now but we couldn't find them in the stores here so we tried online and voila....there they are. Dad got her 5 DVDs...spoiled little girl..LOL..

Anyway, right now she's watching 1 of them. After that she promised to finish her school works so we'll see.

As for our weather, it's been gloomy on and off. Tropical storm Fay is still that, a tropical storm. Fortunately it didn't turn into a hurricane but it's lingering over the state and is said to be serious rainmaker. It drizzled a bit this morning but it stopped.

A few of the counties have been put on tornado watch until 4PM today. Thankfully our county is not one of them.

That's what's happening around here right now, in and out of the house.


Emzkie said…
hahaha.. thats so cute. cant u just resist the plea of a little girl? i hate it but is sure love to spoil my little boy. lol.
Unknown said…
Of course Mommy! She's gotta have it. :D

My little one just starting to like children shows on tv. Blues Clues so far. A good babysitter eh?

Oh, we got some of that rain here girl, pouring all night and still is today. Feels like spring.

Happy Tuesday!

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