Protecting What's Mine and Mine Alone...


Identity theft is no stranger to me. A very good friend of mine had her identity stolen a few years ago. As a direct result of that, she had to change all of her cards. She was also asked to identify herself with valid IDs everytime she had to make a purchase. But that’s not the biggest damage to her. Up until today, she is still scared to use any kind of card because she’s afraid it will happen again. I don’t blame her. Just recently, 11 people were charged with global theft which is considered one of the largest and most complex identity theft cases everywhere. With the emergence of the internet, online transaction has become one of the most widely used ways to do businesses. Yes, it’s convenient but it’s also too risky if the person does not take the proper action to protect her or his identity.

This is where lifelock can help. They help keep one’s identity his and his alone. With the use of their service, one’s identity is well protected. My friend’s experience taught me to be extra careful. But I can only do so much. These thieves have gotten more and more high tech in stealing people’s identity. For all I know, there’s probably someone out there in the street in front of our house who is trying to hack my computer. Yes, it sounds so paranoid but it’s something that happens everyday. So I’m glad that there is something like lifelock to help keep my name safe. It’s about time someone does aside from me.


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