After a week of no rain, it finally did rain today. Our local newscasters here predicted chances of rain the whole week through but it didn't happen...until today. And it only lasted for about 15 minutes. Just enough to make the ground wet.

It's been rather cloudy the whole day though. I kept looking outside to see if it's raining yet or not. The little one was not able to do her morning biking in the driveway because of it. I finally let her do a few laps before she herself gave up because she couldn't take the heat. Well, more like me not wanting her to be under the sun for long.

It's TGIF once again. It's been a slow week for me so I've been able to do some much needed bloghopping during my spare time. I'll try and visit those I have not been able to visit a little bit later on. Right now, I need to start rolling and make dinner. See yah!


Nova said…
hi te juls, happy friday! and happy weekend with your sweet pamilya..

it rained here today too, after 3 hours of sunshine like 7-10am all of a sudden the sky got dark and there you go its been raining then stop..

it is chilling here the whole day after that 3 hour heat and now, i'm wearing socks kasi nga though i am no t feeling this much cold ang ginaw eh pumapasok sa mga feet ko uy..

hope you'll have a wonderful weekend... see you soon...*hugs*
tx sweetie said…
sino naman kaya ang gusto sa Summer nila dito e pagka init init? buhay pa ata ako pero parang ginigisa na ni Taning sa empyerno..whoaa ano ba naman tong comment na to..'wag mo nalang kaya basahin Mizz J..
Lynn said…
Buti pa diyan, ulan ng ulan. How i wish it will rain here too kasi ang init. As in!

Thanks for the visit, Sis. Happy weekend!
Vhiel said…
pareho kata pala atching juls eh...nagmeet din kami online ng asawa ko.. although nandito na ako sa texas nong nagmeet kami ang we live like 30 minutes away from each other... we talk for a while just online and phone.. kinda scared to meet in person.. then finally we decided to see personally.. and then we just click.. so ayon.. got married a few months after we meet kasi ayaw nya akong pumunta ng california.. lol.. tinali ba..
at nakooo.. another week went by just like that. we seem to be living from day to day.....no plans on a grander scale but!!! dreams on a really spectacular scale.... dream on........hay....
Gorgeous MUM said…
the rain here comes and goes every few minutes, so is the sun! they cannot seem to make their minds up on who will stay! hahaha!
laura said…
masarap matulog pag my ulan parang lullaby hehehe d2 mainit.
Shimumsy said…
hi mommy J, yeah you're right..i was kinda busy then last night i watched the olympics 'til late without blogging. tinamad cguro.
but' it's nice to be back here.

have a nice weekend or wahtever is left.

good evening.

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