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If life is like the movies, then we will have superheroes saving lives. But life is very much different. Still, if we are given a chance to save lives, I’m sure there will be a lot of people who would want to do it. I know I would. This is why we chose to preserve our little one’s cord blood when she was born. Today, there is another possible way to help save lives in the future. It’s also About the Science of stem cell and what it can do for our future. But this time the stem cells will be harvested from the menstrual blood that every woman secretes monthly.

Am I surprised with this new development? Actually, I’m not. Growing up, our grandmother had this crazy notion that menstrual blood can actually help clear up skin! She didn’t have any scientific explanation then so we never really paid attention to it. But with the recent developments and with C'elle providing women with the opportunity to collect and preserve the vital stem cells from the body’s menstrual fluid, my grandmother’s theory may be valid after all. Reading more and more about this, I am actually leaning more and more towards the possibility that C’elle has something here that’s worth paying attention. I still have to watch the C'elle Client Testimonial so I better get off here to see what these clients have to say about this.

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