Thinking Ahead...


Growing up, I didn’t really have problems with zits or pimples. I had some blackheads but they were not prominent so I didn’t really worry about them. My siblings were the same so it’s probably in our genes. Well, it seems my nephew missed out on those genes because he’s been having problems with acne since high school. He’s now in medical school so he’s been having the problem for a long time. He tried different acne treatments but it seems that they only offer temporary fix because his pimples come back after a while. Last time I spoke with him I suggested that maybe he should specialize with something that can help him with his acne problem. Why not, right? Aside from solving his own problem, there is chance his kids in the future will probably face the same problem he’s facing right now. By then, he can offer them the help he’s not getting right now.


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