Time for a New Pair...


After a day of chores followed by some clothes shopping yesterday, today will be a less busy day for us. We’re just staying in the house for the most part unless something comes up later on like maybe a dinner invitation from family which happens once in a while. The husband is doing some marathon phone patch this morning with his siblings from out of state to let them know of our new contact information. He’s been talking with his big brother for a couple of hours now. They’ve been talking about anything and everything right now. I even overheard them talking about him probably needing a pair of eyeglasses in the near future. My husband needs prescription eyeglasses already? Hmm...it actually made me realize that I’ve been planning in getting some new pairs for myself for the longest time. It's time for a new pair for me.

So now I’m back to searching again. I remember reading about ZenniOptical.com not too long ago and how it’s been in the Fox News.. I’ve been to their site and I found a lot of stylish frames that are as low as $8. No wonder even The Clark Howard Show recommended their frames. With the huge selection they have, my problem is not looking for a pair that I can afford. It’s making up my mind which pair or pairs I want. Well, now that the husband is talking about getting himself a pair, we would have to choose together. Here’s pair I’m looking at right now.


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