A Vacation Worth Remembering...


Vacations are always fun especially if you take them with loved ones and friends. Sometimes, these vacations turn out to be really memorable because of some instances that are not planned. Just like what happened when my friends decided we should go on Las Vegas tours. Las Vegas itself is worth remembering but one instance made it more memorable to us because it was unexpected. While in Las Vegas, my friends and I hailed a taxi to take us some place. The taxi we hailed could only accommodate 6 passengers. There were 6 of us + 1 kid. We knew the driver wouldn’t let us all in the taxi so we decided to hide the little under her Mom’s dress. It was probably one of the longest rides of my life as well as one of the funniest. The little boy was so angry at his Mom but all we could do was laugh.

Remembering that vacation just made me want to go on one and I have to say that we so badly need to on one. So I went online to look for online travel guides. And I found out that right now, Trusted Tours and Attractions offers discounted tickets [in 23 cities] like a Kennedy space center discount. Since we are only a few hours from there, I may just ask the husband to take a day off so we can go back there soon. And if I sign up to their newsletter between now and August 31, I will even have a chance to win a $150 Magellan’s Gift Certificate.


HONEY said…
yeah I could tell, that's a funny experience jud ate J..HAHHAHA

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