Walk for a Cause

I am not big on exercise. But if there’s something I really like doing which can be considered as exercise, it has to be walking. Since I don’t exercise, I make it a point to walk regularly even just for short distances. It revs me up somehow when I walk and it gives me some kind of a fulfillment. How much more if I walk for a cause? I’m sure I would feel doubly fulfilled because I won’t only be walking for me but for others as well. This is why I am thinking of joining the Alzheimer's Memory Walk soon.

The Alzheimer’s Memory Walk is something that anyone can do. I checked the nearest walk in my area and I found out that there will be one in Georgia come November 1, 2008. What do you know, it falls on my birthday. Maybe I can convince the husband to register us so we can join. What can be a better gift for my birthday than knowing I am doing something for the greater good?

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk


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