What's Up??


I'm quite bored today. Nothing exciting happening around here. I just finished making dinner and we're now waiting for the husband to come in...he just arrived from work and is now unhooking his trailer.

I've done a few tasks but have not blog hopped yet. I'd probably do that later on. I have to start cutting up my roast chicken so it's ready when the husband and the daughter are ready to eat.

In the meantime, I would like to thank Pinaymama - Joy of Garden of Moments and Carol of insights from the grocery cart for these 2 awards/tags. Thanks Mommies....appreciate the thought as always.


honey said…
daming award te ah.. pang FAMAS..heheh
Vhiel said…
ay naku you are bored.. lika dito panggawa mo ako ng assignment..hahaha.. ako ang dami kong gagawin... today was the first day of school.. taking up anatomy and physiology 1 and stat on the weekend... hirap tlaga mag aral pag meron ng anak... tapos blogging pa... hehehe.. lay low muna ako blogging... school muna.. hirap pag di pumasa eh..

but anyway, my computer is fix now.. di namin natanggal yung spyware so we end up reformatting the hard drive... pero bumili muna kami ng back up for the files that we want to save... so si hubby was busy for a couple of days trying to fix the computer.. buti naka bakasyon sya..

mipakaba ing kananung kwento... lol
Lynn said…
Hello Sis!

Visiting u here. Musta na? Hope is well and good with you. Thanks for the visit din.

Take care!
PoOr PrInCe said…
congrats for that wonderful awards
Tey said…
hmmm I envy you for being a work at home mom but I know the sad part of it when boredom starts to hunt you.. Have fun my friend
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Ciela said…
Getting bored once in a while is just normal. But I wonder how can you be bored when you got plenty of opps plus you being a WAHM plus the sweel little daughter on your side...olus the hotty hubby(Lol).

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