Where Did the Time Go???


Every passing week, I seem to always say that time flies so fast. It really does. It’s almost the middle of August…then it’s going to be the ‘ber’ months. Growing up we used to wait for these months that end with ‘ber’. Why? Because it signals that Christmas is just around the corner. This year, my husband and his partner are planning in getting some Corporate Holiday Cards. It’s about time. They’ve been in business for 2 years and this will be the first time they will be sending out Christmas cards. I told him to check GalleryCollection.com because the site has some really nice and affordable holiday cards as well as Business Christmas Cards that they may be interested in. I also told him to tell his partner about the free book called "College Knowledge: 101 Tips" that the site is sponsoring until the end of next month. His daughter is getting ready to go to college and I’m sure she will learn a lot of things that will help her adjust to college life. Come to think of it, maybe I should be reading that book for our little one. Before we know it, she may be in college herself as well.


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