Work-At-Home Jobs, Etc...


It's Monday once again. I will be very busy at least until tomorrow as we're trying to beat a deadline...again. That's one of the downside of my job...when work is released, we're usually given only a few days to have it done. Since competition is tough, we have to always try to make it to the deadline at least in order to keep our clients happy.

My blogging will have to wait until then. I would just like to write a quick post here to respond to the inquiries I got in my post about my Work-at-Home Jobs. I had a feeling that the post would result to some inquiries and requests for links of the companies.

I've actually been blogging about my WAHJs in another blog I have. If you want to read more about the companies I work for, especially coding, you can read about it in my other blog. Here are links.


Unknown said…
I have always been tempted to do that but wasn't sure. I always scared about finding a legitimate company to work for so I didn't really pursue.

Keep it up Jul. Don't work too hard! :)

We'll see you again when you get back. Have a great week!

By the way, we finally got rain to day. Yepee!

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