Best Mom Award...a Tag!

This is from Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online. Thanks much Mommy Ruby. Even if you're going through some tough times in your life at the moment, you still find the time to share this one with us, your fellow mommies! Stay strong my dear. Remember, He does not give anything that we can't handle.


Sometimes GOOD things are there to remind us that life is still good to us no matter what. Sharing and loving other people more than yourself makes life a little more exciting. It makes the world more better!!

Since your is always good to share things with you. Besides, you deserve it very much!!

Love yeah!!
Anonymous said…

i have a nice daddy video on my blog that you might want to check out. please see it at

take care! :-D
happy birthday and i miss being here. musta?
bluedreamer27 said…
oh you deserve it juliana congratulations

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