Black Friday Tragedy.....


A Wal-Mart employee got trampled to death by eager shoppers at a New York Wal-Mart store. This is what I read in the news this morning while I was doing my usual news surfing.

If I am not mistaken, this is not the first time something like this happen. I really don't know what could be in stores during this Black Friday madness but I know one isn't enough reason for somebody to be trampled to death.

The guy was just doing his job but because some people can't wait to get their hands on those so-called deals, they didn't care if someone gets hurt in the process.

According to the news, they are now reviewing the surveillance cameras at that Wal-Mart store. I don't know if they will ever find all those who contributed to the death of this man [since there were about 2,000 people barging in the store when it happened] but I hope to God that they would.

The man was the only one who died but there were a few people who were brought to the hospital for minor injuries including an 8-month pregnant woman. That baffles 8-month pregnant woman braving the crowd for a few deals...what is she thinking?


MoneyBonanza said…
Amazing, check this out:
Ciela said…
So sad to think what people would do for a few savings.
I wonder how they would charge an avalanche of customers to answer for the death of that employee.

Thanks for the visit, J! Please see what happened to the party if you have time. Thanks and take care!
woah this is such a sad and tragic incident. Reminds of the Wowowee incident in the Philippines when thousands of Filipinos caused a stampede just to get a chance to play in the gameshow with hopes of winning money.

But seriously, New Yorkers? And just a Walmart store? How big are the savings that they would trample a guy?

Anyway bakit ako nag-i-ingles? hehehe.

Yeah I am so melodramatic! Hehehe. Malalaman mo talaga na first time car owners kami at na-ignorante kami sa features nang car and we still can't get over the feeling of at last having a car, our dream car to be exact.

Kind of gives you hope that if we were able to achieve this, then maybe we could get to own our own house soon too.

Kaya doble hard work and savings conscious nah kami ngayon para ma-afford namin ang monthly payments. Pero tutal ang maganada lang dito sa first world country, madali lang kitain ang pera at hindi ka talaga magugutom basta nagtatrabaho kalang.

Have a safe and happy week ahead! No stampeding for sales ok? hehehe. But speaking of sales, iba talaga dito ano? sa Pilipinas, sale dahil either may defect or pangit ang product. Dito maganda ang quality tapos sale talaga siya dahil pagkatapos nang sale back to original price kaagad.
Anonymous said…
Grabe naman yan... I know when they have a sale there... SALE talaga - but to trample someone to death???
DebbieDana said…
It was indeed a black Friday for the Wal-mart sad! Those shoppers are just so crazy, they even got mad when they were told the store will be closed early because of the accident. What's wrong with these people?
Chubskulit Rose said…
OMG, wawa naman yung buntis.... I'd rather shop online for Black Friday deals than going to the store... its not worth the pain and blahs....

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