Candies Be Gone!

Finally, the candies that we bought for Halloween [and the ones we got from the T&T] are all gone. We didn't know how 'busy' Halloween would be around our new neighborhood so the husband got 2 bags of candies to hand out just in case kids come knocking our door. Guess what? No kids! That meant all the candies were for our own consumption....and consume them was what we did every chance we got. Lovely! Well, the candies are all gone now and I'm happy they are. My 'make-believe diet' has been in jeopardy for those couple of weeks because I could hear the candies calling me every 5 seconds. So now I am on a hunt for the best diet pill out there to help me get rid of the 'candy fat' I put on in the last 2 weeks ...err the last 6 years. Even the husband said that we have to go on a diet now since we obviously look a little 'thicker'....hmmmm.


sugarbabes said…
Hi jul, how are you! sorry for my late update t'was busy for the few days. Anyway, just wondering, asan na yong c-box mo!
tx sweetie said…
haha hindi lang pala kami nag rereklamo sa mga BELLY BELL BELL namin Miss J. kahit saang bahay ako magpunta same pa rin ang complain, losing weight parin ang gustong mangyari sa mga tao pero iwan.. sarap kumain ng walang katapusan.. grrr I'm like 6 months pregnant here kasi nga tiyan ko palaging puno lalo na ngayon at ting lamig na!

good luck nalang sa atin kung sino ang mauna sa finish line haha!
bakit no kids sa neighborhood? as in wala talaga?
Michelle2 said…
hi mommy J, got a tag for you. :)

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