Checking In...


Just thought I'd check in a bit earlier today. I'm in the middle of doing some laundry so while waiting for the load to be done, I am here blogging. We just had breakfast. Now the little one and the Dad are in our bed watching TV together.

Nothing much is planned today. It's Sunday so it's Football day here. That means I will be staying away from the H who will be watching his team play...LOL.

Work has slowed down this weekend so I have time to do some blogging. I have some pending tasks that need done ASAP so I better start doing them. But before I do that, let me post this cute "The Pink Sisterhood" badge that Michelle of Life here and there....handed yesterday. Thanks much Mitch. I know that Breast Cancer Awareness was last month but being reminded of it has to be year-round so I'm still posting it here.


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