The DAY is Here!

It's November 4, 2008 and it's the US Presidential election day. Am I going to vote? No. Why not? Because I can't. I am not a US citizen...yet. If and when I choose to become one, I'll definitely take part in something as important as this one because I know it's not only for me but for my child's future.

If you are in the US soil and is eligible to vote, make sure you do your part and get out there to vote. Your vote is never unimportant. Sometimes it's all that's needed to put the deserving candidate in office.


Ciela said…
Yes, it's election time there. I just pray that Obama won't pull out all the call center jobs here in the Phils. he he.. or else daughter needs to find another job.

Congrats to you for all those awards you're receiving. Hindi ka na ma-reach, J!
sugarbabes said…
here mommy J..if I then i surely vote to B. Obama heheheh..ok you take care girl..and well see you around
Unknown said…
We were up early and bundled up Miss Sunshine. We voted in the school behind our house and had a good morning walk. There wasn't any lines at all. 10 minutes and we were out of there. Oh, we got perks from Krispy Creme, Starbucks and Dairy Queen.

Happy Election Day!
RoSeLLe said…
I voted! I voted! :) I was out the door a little after six and start walking my butt off to the polling site :) My first time eh.. excited hahahah! I voted for my boypren... lolo McCain, ay mali!!! Si papa Barack pala ehehehehe

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