Monday, November 17, 2008

Going Gaga over DUE....


I have a couple of friends who are currently expecting. One will be a mother for the third time around while the other one will be a first time Mom. Regardless of whether it’s their first or not, both are thrilled about their pregnancies. They are still on the early stages but they’re already planning, shopping and just being excited. I actually feel envious because I loved being pregnant. I had a very smooth pregnancy and only if I can, I’d definitely do it over again. Anyway, the only problem I had when I was pregnant was looking for maternity clothes that would fit me, much less ones that I really liked. As a result I was always in overalls especially during the last couple of months. They’re the only ones that would fit me so I had no other choice.

That was more than 6 years ago. Today there is a store that sells really nice and affordable maternity clothes. It’s called Due Maternity. The wide selection of tops, pants and dresses which will be perfect as new parents gifts especially during this holiday season. I swooned and I’m not even pregnant…LOL. Here’s one of the tops I really like.

Pretty, huh? Guess what? During the holiday season, Due is offering Free Shipping by using the code BLOG1 as the Checkout Shipping Code. Now that is one great offer.

Oh, the husband walked by me while I was swooning over the maternity clothes so he had to stop to see what I was looking at. As soon as he realized what it was, his question was: Are you pregnant? LOL….I wish!

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