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What's your plan? As usual, we don't have any plans but I am thinking of getting me some clothes fit for this crazy weather. I was garbed in my favorite piece of clothing the whole week, my night robe. I realized I didn't have any warm enough day clothes so I stayed in my jammies most of the time. Attractive, eh? LOL....

Anyway, here's wishing you all a great and relaxing weekend!


Nelle said…
Hello Ate, yeah unfortunately it was down. Nakakainis nga kasi kakapalit ko lang ng template. And I'm a little worried, kasi my hosting is doing a major server move and i dont know if they did any back up. ako kasi hindi. hays.. anyways, happy weekend. and thanks for the long comment that i will not see anymore hahaha.. take care
Ciela said…
I love wearing jammies too, even at daytime when I'm not leaving the house. Kasi naman, they are a lot more comfortable lalo na pas cotton.

Have a happy weekend too, J!
Unknown said…
Let's Party at weekend hehehe... thanks for dropping by on my blog Juls. Yeah I'm don't have much time blogging nowadays and I preferred not to get involve in too much blogging this time. I'm pretty much occupied now being a wife, a mom, and a part time student that's why. I'm no longer into swimming class na din because they don't offer swimming class on the last quarter of the year. I'm sure napakalamig din siguro ng pool baka yun ang dahilan din. I'm looking forward next year para matuto pa ako kung sakaling matututo hehehe.

Ok have a nice weekend!
BongFlo said…
hi j! happy weekend to you too. our weekend will most probably be spent resting and trying to regain the sleep that was lost during the week. mahirap namang sleep deprived pa din tayo going into monday. and btw, you know why my mom's visit is such a wonderful gift for me this Christmas?
after 8 years of living here in mindanao and being "alone" here, my mom and my brod's visit is such a welcome respite. at least i do not have to be "alone" here for a week. am still trying to get out of "it", but i try to look the other way from now on. sometimes a part of me still wishes to be quiet na lang, sometimes a part still wants to shout, sometimes a part still wants to cry. by looking the other way and having a
positive outlook makes me embrace life in a positive light. like i said, all this will come to pass... i just decided not to wait for it. have a great shopping weekend my friend. ciao! :)
tx sweetie said…
hapi weekend Miss J. napadaan lang pow. hope mag enjoy kayo sa shopping nyo.. hmmm shopping is always fun,isn't it? sali niyo ako pls.. wait me muna ha lilipad me using silhig!
Yo! My weekend is not a weekend talaga huhuhu... have to work 3-11 tomorrow so weekend-a-half lang sa akin.

Yeah ouch nga. Palagi nalang nadidisgrasya ang beautiful fingers ko hehehe. Nung hindi pah ako nag-tatrabaho, walang kalyo, sugat, o ano man sa kamay ko. Ngayon, you name it I've got it hehehe.

Sige sige, have a happy party sa iyo. I'm thinking of buying myself a new winter coat, one that doesn't look like XXXL hehehe. But it does keep me warm and toasty so I like it the same way.

Shige. Ingats!
Anonymous said…
hahah that's great...hehe well, here in the pinas, it is still friggin hot, even though the holidays are coming. i guess the cold will come in january yet. it's so hot!!!
honey said…
Yeah! attractive nga yung jammies specially sa eye ni

Btw te, I'm so lazy mag online..thanks sa visita ha

Enjoy your weekend
Anonymous said…
I am Anand from india. Your blog is interesting...i liked it.i have added your name in my blog.u also please add me.let let us share our experiences......R U AN MATHS TEACHER?.i dont know how you move with it.well,am a damn damn lazy fellow in studying maths.anyways ...bye yaar add me in your blog.
Lynn said…
happy weekend too, mommy J. don't worry, u still look attractive even in those jammies. :)

take care!

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