Home Sweet Home....

Tada! The little one made this sign for her bedroom...well, one of the many signs she makes daily. What I particularly like about this one is the picture she put on it...LOL. She pulled that picture from her photo album so she can put it there. It's spare picture so it's okay. She says that her room is 'her home sweet home'. Hmm...I wonder what our house is for?


sweet talaga pag girl.
anyway, give me naman the html for your scroll bar widget.
your baby never fails to surprise you everyday. ^_^

i missed my babies... :(
Nova said…
your little angel is really adorable and sweet.. that was kinda funny, i bet she'll having her own world that your house will somewhat like an apartment.. hehehehe...

as for your comment: my sis, thanks for the warm bday greetings, i really appreciate it, worry not, if its delayed as long as you did not forget it... being sick? okay your exempted.. hehehehe
blessedmom said…
oh ur pretty daughter is sooo sweeeet! :) she's artsy too ha! resourceful and creative..good girl!..mana mana lang yan heheehe :)

thanks for the visit mommy j and for the nice comment! appreciate it! :)

ingat! :)
Utah Mommy said…
She is really a sweet girl, you are truly blessed having such a sweet angel like your daughter Mommy J. Have a blessed Tuesday!
Hi BLT! Hehehe. Maybe she likes her own personal space or her "crib" hehehe. Her house inside your house or something hehehe.

Anyway yah hindi talaga ako obvious nah fan ni David A. Kulang nalang mag-lagay ako nang banner sa blog ko but that would be stalker-like hehehe.

Oh yeah it's so white outside... guess where going to have a white christmas this year hehehe.

Sige sige, have a nice day sayo at sa little one mo! Ako mag-tatrabaho pah huhuhu. I'm mad at my second job dahil third week nah ngayon at hindi pah rin ako binayaran. If hindi pah ako binayaran ngayong week I will quit. Quitter talaga ako hahaha!
ayan o...sa kanan mo... sa ilalim ng 125 x 125 pinaywham mo.
bluedreamer27 said…
it just shows that even at the very young age your daugther showed her creativity and its good for her
have a great day juliana have agreat blogging day to you
Ciela said…
Hello! Appearing here from out of the blue.. he he. Dami ko ng na-miss!
Dami pa din ako utang na visits. Have been from a very impoortant once in a blue moon family affair.

Those cute doodles of your little one obviously manifests what a creative smart girl she really is!
Truly a beauty and brains girl!

Got a lot of catching ups to do... I will be back, J.
kcatwoman said…
oh that's sweet.does .she must be relly happy in your home
Lynn said…
that is really cute. nakakaaliw talaga mga kids natin. :)

silip lang me here, sis. hope you're well and good. ingatz!

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