K-Mart Lay-Away = Big Screen TV!


Being sick is not one of the plans I have this weekend. Unfortunately, things happen that are beyond our control, right? With what I have right now, there’s a possibility that I won’t be able to go anywhere not just in days but in weeks, even a month or more. So all the things I originally planned to do in the coming couple of weeks would have to wait or I will have to find a way to do them without leaving the comfort of home. Like what you may ask? Shopping for the holidays is one. The husband usually buys the ‘Santa’ gifts if you know what I mean. He will still do that but I am thinking of helping him out by consulting ‘Mr. Bluelight’, you know the one that gives us bright ideas when it comes to giving gifts? Yep, that one.

One in my list to buy for Christmas is this one!
Yes, a big screen TV. We still have not bought one because the couch is not here yet. In about a week though, it will be here. And I figured that if I use the Kmart Lay-Away program soon, that big screen TV will be in our living room just in time for the holidays. Now, don’t tell him yet but I am thinking that this will be the husband’s Christmas present from Santa as well. Genius, eh? I am just glad that K-Mart still offers Lay-Away unlike some other stores. Through this program, I won’t have to shell out a lot of money at once nor use my credit cards to buy a big purchase such as this one. I can figure out the incremental payments in our weekly budget so it won't come as a big burden to us especially at this really hard time. I wonder if I can also get me a diamond bracelet? Hmmm…nah! Maybe next time…Click Here


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