Lost & Found...


Not sure if it has something to do with age but I started noticing that I forget things a lot easily now. I am a member of a lot of sites and to be safe, I usually use different passwords. More than half the time, I have to really pick my brain to remember what password I have for a site. A lot of times, I couldn’t remember it is so I end up emailing support to either send it to me or give me a new one. If can’t remember 10 or so passwords, I can only imagine how big companies recover lost passwords. I’m sure they have more passwords than a regular person. Could it be that they use the excel password recovery software from Passware, Inc.? It’s possible because a lot of big companies like Hewlett-Packard and government agencies like NASA use this software to recover their lost passwords. Almost everyone can actually use this software since it’s compatible with a lot of major software products. I wonder if I need to get this software for my personal use in the future. Hmmm


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