Made to His Liking...

Not too long ago, we attended the wedding of my husband’s niece. We don’t attend a lot of functions and/or events so everytime we have to attend one, we usually need to go shopping to buy our outfits from head to toe. I work at home so I don’t really need fancy dresses to go to work. The husband’s job does not require him to wear suits or anything like that...for now anyway. He only has a couple of suits, one was the one he wore for our wedding about 8 years ago while the other one was even an older suit. Needless to say those 2 no longer fit him well. He used not to be worried about that but now that he may have to attend business meetings more often, he knows he has to start buying suits.

When we went shopping for outfits for the wedding we had to attend, we looked at some suits we found on the racks but we didn’t find any that he likes. So we didn’t get any. He wants a custom suit anyway so we decided to find a place for that. In one of my bloghopping, I came across MySuit in one of the entries. So I went to visit their site and see what it has to offer. I was able to choose the style and fabric I want for hubby’s suit. It’s kinda’ cool actually. The price is not too bad since it starts at less than $500. I am thinking that the husband can probably order one 3 button wool dark gray stripe and a 2 button one of a lighter color. Ha! Maybe he can set up and appointment with MY Suit when he goes to New York to visit a client in the future. I better tell him about this place so he can check it out himself.




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