Making Wishes Come True...


Now that Thanksgiving is over and done with, we can now concentrate on another important occasion that’s coming up in less than a month…Christmas. We fondly call this as the season of giving simply because this is the time when we literally give the most. Back when I was younger, Christmas meant going to our relatives and friends to pay respect as well as receive our Christmas presents which was mostly money. As I got a bit older, that of course changed. When I started working, I was the one that younger kids go to for their Christmas present. A few years into my job, my brothers and I started some kind of a tradition. We started packing some basic necessities like canned goods and rice which we would distribute to our less fortunate neighbors. The happiness in the face of those who receive the goods is the gift that I would look forward to every Christmas. The fulfillment I felt was just beyond words.

So every Christmas season, I look for a way to somehow get that feeling again since I am now physically away from my siblings. This year, Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry may be the answer to that. I believe that if there’s anyone who deserves the best Christmas gifts, it would have to be those who are out there fighting for us…the soldiers and their families. With this wish registry program, Sears and us, the public will be making the wish of more than 30,000 military families around the country come true. No amount is too small because every little bit helps. So if you are looking for a way to make a difference this holiday season, join thousands of people in helping the heroes of our generation. Let's help in making their wishes come true.



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