My Weekend of Eating...


It's the weekend again and what do we do? Eat every chance we get. That's basically how our weekends are spent. We stay home most of the time so we usually raid our pantry on what we can munch on while hanging around the house. Today is no different. My plan of going out to get me some winter gears is on hold since I don't feel like going out. It's the time of the month so I'm just lazy to go anywhere.

It's the weekend so we usually have a big breakfast since Dad is home. He wanted some French toast so I made that for breakfast plus some sausage which the little one loves. Lunch is 'anything you want to eat time'. The little one had cream stuffed pretzel that Dad got from the store yesterday while I had rice and chicken, more food. Dinner was pizza followed with cookies and milk. Here I am sitting here all stuffed from a day of eating with very little movements. Arrggh...I think I may need an appetite suppressant if I want to lose some weight or even just to stay on my current weight. Ugh...I just feel like I'm going to be so big if I don't stop eating this way.

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