Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Online Shopping Spree...


My plan of going out to get me some winter gears last Saturday had been put off indefinitely. I was not feeling well for some reason so I told the husband that we can probably do it some other time. We just stayed in the house of course and watched our favorite shows…alternately. We only have 2 TV sets and there are 3 of us with different preferences so we took turns. Anyway, since my planned ‘shopping spree’ for my winter clothes had been put off, I decided to just check out the website of Kmart for some good deals. This store always has some great deals so I’m never disappointed when I visit it on site or online.

Right now until November 26, there is a 10% off on the Attention Women's Kimono Wrap Sweater. Just what I need! Maybe I can get me 3 or 4 of this wrap sweater and I’m good to go. Another product that is on sale and is on a whopping 30% off online is Abbey Hill bedding Medallion Dream bedding collection. That is such us a steal. Kmart already sells their products at such low prices and with the 30% off deal online they have on this bedding collection it’s going to be one great deal. I am only planning in buying me some warmer clothing but with all the online deals they have right now, I may end up buying much more than my sweaters. Aside from the online sale that runs through Nov. 26, there is also a 10% off online on a lot of products such as girl tops, mens shirts and bottoms. I better start shopping before I run out of stuff and time. Come follow me.

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