Pamper Your Nails...

I’ve always had short nails. I think one of the first things my father gave me when I was old enough to clip my nails was a nail clipper. Since then, this piece of ‘equipment’ is almost always in my purse or backpack. Short nails became a necessity when I started to play the guitar though as it’s very uncomfortable to do that with sharp claws. With that being said I do not deny the fact that I also think of having long polished nails. And that was realized when I started working. I didn’t have to play the guitar that much anymore and I was, anyway, a professional already, right? LOL…

During those years that nail polish became a part of my wardrobe, my nails had the chance to be ‘dressed’ in different shades. From natural to bright red to the very famous French manicure. I guess the latter has to be my favorite hands down, I mean nails down. So I was kinda’ biased with light colored polish. I just thought my nails looked better with French tips. I'm thinking of having my nails done one day, maybe by myself, so I have been looking online for nail polish. Hello Gorgeous! is one site where I found a wide selection of nail polish in every shade I can think of. The price are affordable and there are several name brands to choose from.

I have not had my nails done in years. They are not that long anymore but they are not that short either. My husband finds long nails attractive so we compromise....not too long, not too short. Painting them regularly at this point though will be impractical. Between housework and yard work, the nail polish will be gone in a flash. I wouldn’t mind doing it once in a while though. I’m sure the husband will be thrilled to see my nails looking all pretty. And I think it's time to pamper my nails after years of being taken for granted.


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