Peace of Mind

A few weeks before moving into our house now, two young men tried to burglarize our car parked in front of the old house. They didn’t succeed because I was still awake when they tried. I was able to scare them away by turning on the light in front of our house. That was probably one of the scariest nights of my life. The next day, my husband started researching on different home security systems we can put in this house we’re residing in right now. We didn’t have any kind of a security system in the old house so I shiver everytime I think about that incident. What if I wasn't awake and they also tried to get in the house? What could have happened? These are only some of the questions I keep playing in my mind. Needless to say I have become paranoid and jumps at the slightest noise I hear at night and during the day. I cannot wait until we get all the things we need for our security system. Then and only then will I be able to have a complete peace of mind.


Anonymous said…
My parents had to place a surveillance camera in front of the house... There was one time someone knocked on their door saying she's a friend of my sister... Asking for help... But my sister doesn't know her! Take Care!

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