Saturday Sale at Sears!

It’s been a week of nothing but cold weather here in our neck of the woods. The little one and I are cooped up in the house because it’s just way too cold to go out there. She couldn’t even go biking in the driveway because she’s way too cold to do so. But you know what I realized during this week of cold weather? I do not have any day clothes that are warm enough to wear around the house. If I remember it right, it wasn’t this cold in the last few years. That’s probably why I just didn’t see the need to buy me some then. So here I am walking around in my pajamas with my robe on. Yesterday, I decided to wear my normal day clothes of shorts and shirt. As a result, I was sneezing the whole day.

So this weekend, Nov. 22, I will be dragging my husband and the little one to go to Sears Super Saturday Sale! There will be 60% off outerwear & sweaters for the family during the doorbuster sale from 7 AM to 12 Noon! A bit early for me but I’m willing to wake up early to get there on time and take advantage of this huge sale. We have one not too far from where we live so it won’t be too bad of a drive. I can’t wait to go there and see all the stuff on sale. They even have an extra 15% all fine jewelry already 40% - 70% off. That’s almost like giving away the jewelry for free. I wonder if the husband would mind if I get me a pair of earrings. Hmmmm….


eva said…
hi there! nice blog. care to exchange links?
DebbieDana said…
Hi Mommy J! Hhhmmmm, seems like a very good deal. We go to Sears sometimes and I like their stuffs there... I think I'll drag my asawa too to go to sears tomorrow, hehe...

Enjoy your weekend! :)

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