Securing the Future...


Back in the early 90s, a friend and I got our very first term life insurance policies through a former co-worker. My reason in getting a life insurance at that time were my parents who were my primary dependents. I wanted to make sure that they will be taken cared of financially if something happened to me. My friend? I had no idea why he got it...but I'm guessing he had the same reason as mine since he wasn't married yet when we got it.

A few years after we got the insurance, my friend came here in the US to teach. He was already married then with a daughter. He was able to bring his wife and daughter here on his second year of teaching in a public school in San Francisco. A few months after his family arrived here, an unfortunate event happened. He, his wife and their roommate were killed when their neighbor went into a shooting rampage. My friend's daughter survived.

My friend may not know it at that time, but his decision to get an insurance is now his daughter's security.


Yo! Musta ang weather jan sa Florida? Dito napaka weird, parang may mood swing ang weather. Sometimes hot sometimes cold...

Anyway speaking of insurance, you know what? I'm angry at my dad because he crashed our brand new car and it was totally his fault and he won't admit it. Imagine, he was hogging the road (staying in the middle of the two way road) so the incoming car who was making a right and coming towards us had no place to squeeze into. And instead of just making a right and continuing with our lives, my dad made one stupid mistake. He placed the car on reversed and wanted to back the car up and guess what? We hit a lady's car and he totally wrecked the lady's bumpers. He wasn't looking at his mirrors and so much for the rear camera, he doesn't use it so we now have an accident just after 2 days from buying our car.

Good thing no one was hurt, our car is in good shape except for that very tiny unnoticeable scratch. And it's good that the person we crashed into was a mild mannered 40's to 50's woman because we could've had a messy street brawl in our hands.

We decided to pay her $800 to $1000 for her new bumper after she sends us a quote of course instead of having our insurance company handle this because it's sure that our premiums would go up.

Anyway, the car is under lock down right now because we don't trust my dad to drive alone. The car may be named to him because he knows how to drive but it's my mom who really owns it so he has no power over the car so the car might live another year before I get to drive it, Lol!

Hay naku... good thing we get things over that but my happy-go-lucky dad still can't get over this tiny accident. What would happen if he really wrecked the car like totally?

Anyway ako, I'll just move on with my life and think positive hehehe. Hala sorry, mukhang nag-vent ako dito hehehe. Sige na nga alis na ako hehehe.

Have a great week ahead!
bluedreamer27 said…
by the way juliana can i ask something
how can i have a root domain
like yours without
only .com
Micawatson said…
whew! life insurance is ringing my ears this few this is very practical reason to secure the the future of the loved ones

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