Slowly but Surely...

When we moved in this house, we decided not to take the old furniture we have in the other house. The only pieces we took with us are the ones for our bedroom like the bed, armoire for the TV and the night stands, as well as the recliner I got the husband one Christmas. We've been in this house for about 5 months now and we're slowly filling up the house with the things we need [and want]. We don't believe in using credit cards to get what we want so it's been a slow process for us. Since it's not cheap to buy the things we need, we're always on the lookout for discount furniture. We've bought our dining set with a hutch at a very low price that my husband's friend got green with envy...LOL. We are still waiting for the living room set to be delivered which we also got at a very good price. We could have easily bought all the furniture we need before moving in here but it would have meant depleting our savings or using our credit cards. We just didn't think that would be practical. I'm just glad that I have a husband who shares my belief that we should not bite more than we could chew.


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