The 'To-Do-List"

It's not my 'to do list''s the little one's. With my shingles and all that come with it, she figured she'd help me with the chores around the house [mostly here room actually].

So yesterday morning, she wrote down what she's going to do to help me out...thus, the list. And no, she didn't do them all...LOL!

I just think she's so sweet to even come up with the idea of helping me out AND making a list. I showed the list to her Dad and he just burst out laughing when he saw what she wrote...especially # 8. Clean house & #11. Clean, how hard can that be for a 6 year old....LOL!

That's one thoughtful little one we have here, don't you think?


Elow Ate Boo-Loo-Tong hahaha. Yah I had CP nah so I'm hoping not to get Shingles anytime soon. Don't want to be part of the 1/3 of the young people who unfortunately get shingles.

Wala akong work ngayong day so I'm planning to do what I do best... nothing and being tamad hahaha.

But na-inspired ako sa To-Do-List nang little one moh kaya mag-lilinis nalang din ako nang bahay namin.

Good luck to your little one and her to-do list hehehe.
Utah Mommy said…
She is so cute! Well, how sweet of her to think of helping her sick mother. Obviously she can't do all that, it's just her way of making you feel better knowing that she is willing to help you with the chores. Get well soon Mommy J. Have a blessed Sunday!
Vhiel said…
indeed its very thoughtful... and it's a good start... while she is young..
Michelle2 said…
Good that she's thinking of helping you. Though she won't be able to do all of them coz it's a lot of chores on the list but the effort of trying to have a list of chores to help you is enough to let you know that she cares. She's such a sweet little girl. :)
BongFlo said…
nasa training lang yan eh! short of saying, your doing such a wonderful job raising the "little sweet one"... american dad, filipina mom, fil-am and child pero pinoy ang values! way to go j! btw, how's the bulutong? do get well soon... how was the weekend at home pala?
pahiram nga nyang anak mo. grabe, ang daming "clean" sa isang araw. pati garage at car lilinisin pa. iba talaga babaeng anak. kung naging lalaki yan, nakaw! walang pakialam kahit langgamin na sya.
Nelle said…
hello ate! yeah she's a sweet one talaga.. naks, kala ko ganyan ang handwriting mo e, but I actually laugh when i saw the clean garage part, lolz

btw, how's your hippy shingles, hihi, i just cant stop but think that its a cute anyways, i know that doesn't help much coz like u said u're having some aches and pain, sorry to hear that but do get well soon,ok, ur the goddess after all, just now the goddess with the hippy shingles.. hehehe.. bye mwah!
Such a funny lil girl your daughter. Gawa2x lang ng list di pala ginawa, hehehe. Tini-tease ka yata sa girl mo Mami Juls, lol.

Pero to think na naka isip cya tumolong ok na yon.
Unknown said…
Lol, sipag naman! Very thoughtful indeed and so sweet.
kcatwoman said…
your baby is very thoughtful. you must be very kind parents.i pray she grows up well.God bless your family
Anonymous said…
Hahaha... Ang cute naman ng list niya! And meron pang vaccuum? :)

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