To Drive or Not to Drive???


Last Monday, my driver's license replacement came in the mail. Yep, I finally had the guts to have it replaced to reflect our new address. It took me months to do it because I was under the impression that I had to take the written test again since my learner's permit was issued 2 years ago. I just didn't feel like taking another test so I tried to postpone it until I can find otherwise. I went to our states DMV site and voila...I found out that I could actually have my license replaced online....and no test to take, yay! So I did. What now? I guess I have to get serious in learning how drive. Like I said, I've never tried driving, not even once. So you can just imagine the hesitance, apprehension, fear[?], and those emotions I can't describe anymore. But, I am not actually afraid of the driving itself. I am more afraid of getting lost. Seriously. I am so bad in directions I may not be able to find my way back home once I start driving. The husband said that we can always put a GPS in the car if that's what I'm afraid of. He also assured me that he won't let me go on my own unless he's confident I know what I'm doing. Hmmm....I guess I have no more excuses now, eh? Oh well, I have to brace myself then for this thing called driving. Wish me luck!


Sweetiepie said…
I know exactly how you feel Mommy J. It took me 3 years before I had the guts to take the driving seriously. I was afraid to get lost and get hit by other drivers or I should say I`m going to hit them first? hahahahaha. I won`t blame you for being scared. It scared the daylight out of me! Anyway I didn`t mean to scare you here, honestly. Wish you luck on your driving, and once you get started it wont be so scary than you thought it would be!
Ailecgee said…
Driving is fun. All I can say is .. kayang kaya mo yan, J! Go, go, go!
yup driving is fun..i'm still doing my practice..waiting for my hubby's off that I can take the road test.
Ilocana said…
That's exactly what I felt when I was getting started. But, don't worry Ms. Juls. Kayang-kaya mo yan! Do a lot of practice and soon you'll be zoom-zoooming on to any road.^_^ Good luck and may the force go with you,,este may your guardian angel be with you..he,he.
mylou said…
Hi Juls, thank you for dropping by on my blog... it's funny this is exactly the same question that I have, to drive or not to drive... I decided not to renew my temporary learner's permit cuz i never use it anyway. Have to wait 'til we have an automatic maybe i'll be confident learning.

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