On what??? LOL...I just couldn't think of a more appropriate title, well, a title period. I just thought I'd pop in here to give you an, yes, update before I get on with my day.

My shingles are slowly going away already. I'm almost done with my medication - a week's worth. They somehow helped to decrease the severity of the symptoms. Thankfully I didn't have the 'extreme' pain brought about by shingles. I was bracing myself for that just the same.

I still have some aches and pains especially on my left leg and around the area of the 'mother ship'...well, the area where the shingles started.

That's about it. Enjoy the rest of the week....


twinks said…
Hi Mommy Juliana,
oi I'm glad to hear na your shingles will be saying bye bye to you soon.
btw, got u a best mom award :] u deserve it! take care
elow! im glad that your becoming boo-loo-tong-less nah hehehe.

Sige mag-u-update din ako sa blog ko hehehe.
Juliana said…
Hi Jul,

Sorry, it's been long I don't drop here :D You have wonderful template now.

Btw, I need your help ^_^.

Will you Vote for me and have a chance to win $250. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
oh that is great news Juliana! and thankfully, you don't have much discomfort. God bless you! :-)
i am so glad hearing that you are feeling OK now. don't strain yourself too much. get breaks every now and then.

missing you!!
yon naman pala eh.. pagaling na. =)
Lynn said…
hello sis! musta na? sorry to hear that. get well soon. :)
Utah Mommy said…
Glad to hear you are getting better na Mommy J. Hope you will be well real soon. Have a blessed day!
Ciela said…
So, pagaling ka na pala! I'm happy to hear that. Ingat pa rin, baka kasi may binat yan!

Thanks sa mga pagdalaw!
Umma said…
Great to hear that Mommy J, hope your shingles will be totally gone so u can enjoy ur weekend :)
hi pinaywham...I already added you inmy blogroll. Hope you will do teh same. http://gino-memoirofaschizo.blogspot.com

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