85 Years Ago Today....


...my late father was born. Yes, he would have been 85 years old today if he is still alive. But he's not. He's been gone for 8 years now but his birthday is still something I always remember.

My father was the 2nd child in the brood of 6. He never finished school because he had to get a job at the age of 16 in order to survive. Because of the lack of education, he could only do jobs that didn't require any degree. Life was hard for him but that didn't stop him from living it and getting the most out of it.

While his brothers and sisters left the 'nest' to start a family of their own, my father chose to stay put to care for my grandmother. When he finally married my mother at the age of 35, he opted to live with my grandmother so he could continue to look after her even if he had a family of his own already. That's the kind of a son he was.

My father was my biggest supporter. In his eyes, I can do just about anything. With him by my side, it almost felt like I could.

Happy Birthday, 'Tang!


BongFlo said…
i am so very sure that your tatang is so happy now for the simple reason that a daughter remembered him on his birthday. i could only sigh in envy because you had a father that was there or you, who was so supportive and such a loving son to his mom, your lola. i bet too that he was friends to many... na siya sigurong pinagmanahan mo. thanks for being such a friend J... i'll say a little prayer for your "tatang" on his birthday today. ciao!
I salute your Dad for opting to stay and to take care of your grandma. Wherever he is now for sure he is happy.
God Bless.
J said…
bless his soul. he was such a caring son and father.

nangingilid luha ko dito. I remember my Dad,as he died exactly the following morning after his 77th.
Umma said…
Mommy, you made me cried with your entry.. I can relate to your feeling. But for sure he is very proud of you of where he is now.

You are very lucky to have a father like him.. We all know that a man who cares about his Mom is also a caring and loving father to his own family.

That's the reason why until now, you still remember him because of the goodness and love that he showered to you and your family.

God Bless..
Ilocana said…
You just reminded me of my father mom Juls..:)
My father died at the age of 64 and for me that's quite still young for anyone to leave and go beyond the clouds. But then it was his time I guess and still miss him a lot.

By the way, thanks for always dropping by. I really appreciate it. God bless..
DebbieDana said…
Here I am again, tearing up... reading about your 'Tang....reminding me of my Daddy. Basta tungkol sa tatay talaga, naiiyak ako....

Happy birthday to your father. You're very lucky to have him as your father. Likewise, he's very lucky to have you as his daughter!
Unknown said…
He will always be remembered Mommy Jul.

Happy Birthday to your Tatang.

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