Alcohol Rehab


The preparation for my high school batch’s silver jubilee is in full swing right now. For a while, a couple of friends and I who are here in the states were starting to get nervous because we were not hearing anything from our former classmates back home. That all changed after the last reunion which was held December 30, 2008. I started getting emails right after that and it hasn’t stopped since then. With the emails came pictures of those who were in the reunion. I still recognize most of them but I had to email a friend to ask who the others are as I don’t recognize them anymore. Most of them are heavier now while a few are surprisingly thin.

It turned out that a couple of them are not doing very well and are having some problems with addiction. It’s disheartening to learn about this since they were ones of the promising people in our class. I was told that one tried going to an alcohol rehab and was doing well until he lost a job. I guess personal problems made him turn to the bottles again. We have alcohol rehabs in the Philippines. I am not certain what the rehab centers offer there but if I know someone here who may need some help with alcohol problem, I would suggest Promises Treatment Center in Malibu because it offers individualized program. I like that idea since in cases like alcohol addiction, the rule ‘one shoe fits all’ should not be applied. I just wish they have this kind of program back home so my former classmates who are now battling this disease can be helped successfully.


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